Outfit of the [Yester]day: Felicity

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who spent the late 90s/early 00s coveting American Girl historical dolls–in retrospect, I’m glad I never received one, as they may not have lived up to my inflated, romanticized expectations! Some things are best reserved for dreams.

This outfit kind of reminds me of AG’s American Revolutionary girl, Felicity, and the elegant gown she wears to the Somehow Key To The Plot Gala, or something. Maybe it’s the lace and the deep blue, or the fact that Felicity and I share the same red hair and tendency for bad penmanship.

Either way, I’m all about this skirt/top combination, and the appropriately anachronistic hairstyles I’ve been playing about with recently!

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You may not be able to quite identify them, but I’m wearing my teacup earrings here! I “made” them on a cold spring afternoon with some mix-and-match jewelry-crafting supplies. I have a matching pair of saucers, too!

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I bought not one but two of these vintage-inspired midi skirts through Doll Me Up’s summer clearance sale. We’re talking like ten dollars a skirt here. Now I’m all set for the fall! The massively puffy taffeta midi skirts I’ve tried in the past are fun, but uncomfortable and bulky as can be–while this skirt feels like something I could conceivably handle while running around and giving museum tours.

(…or while at home, sprawled on the couch and studying for the GRE. This unexpected glamour is my way of comforting myself as I move into my last week of pre-test prep. Is there anyone else out there who tends to dress in fancier clothes while under stress, or is that just me?)

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