4 hours in Boston, as told by ducks

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Though it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of big cities, I do enjoy brief expeditions into the parts of such civilization that I appreciate the most: museums, libraries, and public parks, to name a few. After a busy weekend oversaturated with standardized testing (which went surprisingly well!), I spent a short time in my nearest metropolis, brunching and visiting various pond-dwellers. I wouldn’t quite call duck photography a panacea for all GRE ills, but it certainly helped me recover a bit.

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We wandered through the park on our way to eat lunch, and that’s when the true joy–and duck-spotting–began.

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Are these not the most beautiful, graceful creatures you’ve ever seen?

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Boston also seems to be quite fond of its topiaries. I could’ve spent much more time wandering among these roses, but it was–alas!– way too hot in the high August sun.

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We didn’t have enough time to stop by my usual Boston museum haunts–the MFA, the Gardner, and so forth–but we did visit a gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts, along with the lovely outdoor sculpture that accompanied it.

sea mail (4 of 10)

But the ducks were still my favorite. As they say–make way!


    • The New England Aquarium had these GORGEOUS advertisements all over the T featuring some super cute nautilus/octopus designs–I so wish we had enough time to go there! I haven’t visited in years.

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