Outfit of the [Yester]day: contemporary garden fairy

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I’d like to think that my #2 childhood writer/illustrator inspiration, Cicely Mary Barker, would approve of this ensemble. I haven’t discussed Barker nearly as frequently as some of my other favorites (if I had my way, this blog would be nothing more than an extensive panegyric to Arthur Rackham and Beatrix Potter)–so it’s time to show the Flower Fairies aesthetic some love.

(Incidentally, if I had my way, I would’ve worn this dress to the GRE last weekend. Everything about it makes me so blissfully confident, like I’m an ethereal yet powerful being of clouds and lace and vaguely immature outfit choices: but it’s short, thin, and quite tight in the bodice, which are altogether awful qualities when you’re hunched over a computer for four hours straight. I’ll save it for tea parties or, if I must involve it in academic pursuits, tea parties specifically hosted for the purpose of distracting my weary mind as I navigate the world of PhD applications.)

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I photographed these flowers, by the way, while exploring a garden in England–an activity of which most Victorian fairylore-fanciers would most certainly approve. They are a brighter pink than this aggressively pastel dress: but as even Barker’s books themselves prove, nature is most certainly not without its wild colors!

(A stray thought: am I the only person out there who finds Peter Pan collars appealing, in part, because of their resemblance to flower petals?)

GREs aside, I could imagine wearing this outfit while playing the role of a Yeats-ian “fairy child”–there’s nothing like standardized testing to make one want to slip away to more enchanted realms…

 secondhand modcloth dress – probably surf store inspired lacy top thing – partially handmade quartz pendant


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