Outgoing Mail: Bright Star

book (4 of 7)book (5 of 7)

I’ve never been a fan of the fundamentally short form of magazines–with the exception of the lengthy and eminently re-readable National Geographic (and my dearly beloved Faerie Magazine), they usually prove too quick of a read for me to justify the price. Yet the very fact that magazines are so ephemeral and easily-abandoned means that there are plenty of issues waiting for me to snap them up from a library’s “Free” table and transform them into mail art!

Magazine pages can be tricky to work with, since they’re too small for me to use with my standard envelope template: instead, I simply fold up the edges a few times and create a make-shift rectangular pocket. Stay tuned for an update on how well they stay in one piece while in transit!

book (1 of 7)book (7 of 7)

Who wouldn’t want a grapefruit-themed envelope? I’m hoping to send this off to a foodie friend who appreciates tasty citrus as much as I do.

book (2 of 7)

This King & I-quoting envelope is all ready to set off on its adventure to Canada: stamps and all! The sleek sans serif typography and vintage-style faded aesthetic of the artwork caught my eye as I flipped through each personality-test-packed page.

book (3 of 7)

Is it a surprise to anyone that this envelope is my favorite of the bunch? I can’t even remember what this article was supposed to explore, but the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could stare into a perfectly demarcated constellation like this upside-down girl does. It will be impossible to decide upon just one person as the recipient of this beauty!

Do you read magazines or craft with them–or both?


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