Outfit of the [Yester]day: Hell Bunny + Lamp/Bear

book (1 of 1)book (2 of 2)

If you follow my Instagram, you might already have seen me flouncing around Providence in my new dress by Hell Bunny–but this bizarre large-scale sculpture is one detail from my Rhode Island adventure that I saved for today’s post!

Urs Fischer’s Untitled (Lamp/Bear) occupies an unexpected corner of the Brown University campus. It’s provocative, nostalgic, eye-catching and almost the exact same color as my dress, so I definitely had to take a moment to admire this guy: disarming ursine button-eyes notwithstanding.

dressbook (1 of 2)book (2 of 3)

Ever since I acquired this charming seahorse-print dress (purchased on super-sale after I admired it for months), I couldn’t wait to wear it on my Providence trip. It’s fundamentally summery and comfortable: perfect for scouting out potential grad schools in the heat of August. Sadly, the miserable New England weekend of high heat indices (yes, I do take the Latin plural of “index”!) made it impossible for us to visit the seaside after my college investigation.

At least I had the aqua tones of Lamp/Bear as a consolation prize.

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