Outfit of the [Yester]day: Rainbow Sherbet

mintehminteh again

Sometimes you just need to dress up like you’re going to an ice cream social for unicorns, you know? Though I enjoy crafting elegant-yet-office-appropriate vintage styles during the week, I save my wildest pastel ensembles for slow-paced Sundays. The fairy-tale glamour comforts me even when I have no one with whom to attend, like, a magical realism garden party*.

Anyway, since I’m from Hawai’i, you’re more likely to find me enjoying a rainbow shave ice than its equally spectrum-hued sherbet equivalent–but the minty, pastel hues of that ice-cream pretender fit so well with my personal aesthetic!

*(In case you were wondering, my dream magical-realism garden party guests would be Borges, Salman Rushdie, Helen Oyeyemi, and Aimee Bender (in charge of the cake, of course).

minteh (2 of 2)

With all of the recent heat, I’ve had to experiment with new braids and updos: the cost of trying to grow my hair out to Pre-Raphaelite lengths!

more minteh

You might recognize this unabashedly floaty tulle skirt from another post from way back in January. Sadly, its sheer (ha!) impracticality also means that I’ve probably only worn it one other time in the months since! So it may have another long hibernation in my closet to look forward to–at least, unless I find some new friends willing to stroll through idyllic rose gardens or attend otherworldly tea parties with me.


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