What’s In My Mailbox? Here Comes the Sun

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Autumn is just around the corner–but the summery snail mail I received this week proves that the hottest months aren’t quite over yet! After two weeks of a mostly-empty mailbox (mostly my fault, as I sent out a bunch of letters all at the same time instead of staggering them!), I was delighted to find gorgeous envelopes from some of the pen pals with whom I correspond the most: from Nevada, Germany, and Ireland.

(Yes, you’ve seen snail mail artistry by all three of them on my blog many times before–have you given them code names yet?)

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Butterflies, cherry blossoms (maybe?), and a tiny camel from my friend across the country! You’ll notice that I also featured a close-up of the stamps at the beginning of this post. Why have I never seen “USA Go Green” postage before? I’m certainly in favor of spreading the “reuse bags/buy local produce” message around the world through my mail.

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Speaking of stamps–I suppose there’s a slight botanical theme this week!

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Emma sent me this galaxy-in-a-teacup, guarded by a particularly imposing-looking beetle. When I first saw this in the mailbox, I thought for a moment that it featured a design of “The Beast” from Over the Garden Wall–which, by comparison, makes even a strong staghorn beetle not seem scary in the least!

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I love its design, though, and the way she’s folded the envelope to make it look like this dude is peering over the other side to see what the business with all those stamps is.

(Also, yes, I totally titled this post knowing that it would feature both sunshine and a beetle…)

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I sent my German pen pal a small parcel in early July, and apparently it took almost a month to reach her! I’m glad she did receive it eventually, though, and took the time to craft a very sunny letter to me in return. The yellow theme perfectly matches my favorite fox pendant and my matryoshki.



2 thoughts on “What’s In My Mailbox? Here Comes the Sun

  1. Idle Emma August 31, 2016 / 11:28 am

    He’s an intimidating looking beetle but he’s a soft soul at heart xD And he guarded those flowers well, the letter got to you safely!

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