Pastel Survival Kit

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Happy September from a particularly frantic blogger! I’m currently in the midst of running some exceptionally large-scale programs at work, so you can imagine that I am taking extra steps to soothe my weary soul at the end of each day. (Museum fatigue is a thing, you guys!)

While I’m enjoying every minute of this program, I’m also looking forward to relaxing after its successful completion and returning to my usual weekend activities of letter-writing and sunset-watching. In the meantime, though, here’s a quick peek into some of the essential (and aqua-hued) items keeping me afloat!

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Am I the only person out there who thinks that aqua + pastel pink form a truly superlative duo? I don’t think I could ever pick one of them individually as a “favorite color” without including the other.

Conveniently, my busy-week survival kit is perfectly color-coordinated, and includes:

  • An enormous chimera of a clipboard/folder. This has already proven essential as a catch-all for attendance sheets, purchase orders, and scribbled mnemonic devices to help me remember the years in which various works of art were completed. (Plus, I’m helpless to resist any Professional Grown-Up Office Supplies that also look obnoxiously sugary and cheerful.)
  • Allegedly “sleepy” tea. Since I don’t drink caffeine and only consume herbal infusions/tisanes, all teas are equally soporific (or not) to me: and yet the lavender notes in this English Tea Shop blend are undeniably relaxing.
  • A gel eye mask. Are you starting to pick up on a potential “antidotes to stressful, sleepless nights” theme here? I always thought that eye masks were something only Audrey Hepburn wore, but I’ve been converted by the weird “spage-age microbead technology.” They produce a vaguely extraterrestrial tactile sensation–which works for me.
  • Cute (though in this case, unsharpened) pencils! My boyfriend’s mother picked these out as a gift for me (along with lots of other lovely stationery) when I was in England. They are perfectly to my taste!

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And, as my treat to look forward to once my busy days are done:

  • Some adorable new notecards. These envelopes are way too small for me to use in my pen-pal projects, but I’ve been tucking one in each larger envelope I mail out as a tiny stationery gift! I’m sure they’d be perfect for writing to someone new for the first time, too. (Speaking of which–check out the very end of my last post if you’re interested in becoming my pen pal!)

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How do you keep yourself organized (and calm!) during busy weeks at work or school? No matter how packed your next few days are, I hope you enjoy a good (long, if you’re in the US!) weekend!

One thought on “Pastel Survival Kit

  1. Idle Emma September 2, 2016 / 10:33 am

    All very pretty stuff! And perfect colours to help stave off the coming autumn!

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