Gallery Quest


It’s no secret that I love intense installations and quirky conceptual art–my favorite type of contemporary art is anything that makes me feel like the child protagonist of a fantasy novel, exploring a brave new world that has such colors and forms in it.

This marks my third year that I’ve blogged about my annual trip to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA!) and I am so delighted to share some new wonders. I get the sense, sometimes, that many think  art appreciation is a realm of extremes–you either love historic art and think modernism is meretricious and meaningless, or enjoy contemporary art and find old gold frames dull and outdated.

I promise, it’s possible to appreciate both the Renaissance and rooms filled with giant plastic towers (which I saw at Mass MOCA a few years ago)! Actually, taking on the persona of your inner kid-in-a-fantasy novel, forgetting all the biases and preconceptions you might carry into any museum, is a good way to start!


I definitely posted last year about how much I love all utopias fell, a three-part installation that includes The Shining–a seemingly extraterrestrial Airstream trailer stranded up high on old factory scaffolding–and its wonderful interior, called The Library of the Sun.


Though I’ve had the joy of viewing a variety of unique media and styles in contemporary art, I had never seen tile art quite like this before…


…nor had I ever encountered a mist machine created from fossil ammonites and brachiopods!


Here’s a final shot from Library of the Sun: just one of the many assortments of objects the artist left for visitors to explore, play with, and wonder about.

I’d describe all of the objects with which this trailer is jam-packed, but I don’t want to spoil the moment for anyone who might decide to visit: let’s just say that it captures my obsession with “vintage space” (a.k.a. the kitschy sci-fi dreams of Space Race America) perfectly.


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