Close Encounters of the Burred Kind


Autumn days go hand-in-hand with walks on the network of old railways and bike paths that weave through my valley. It’s a little too early for true fall colors yet–though I’m sure the “leaf peeper” tourists are already beginning to pack their sweaters and plan tree-spotting road trips–and so I’m focusing my photographic attentions on the few weeds & wildflowers that remain in bloom even in September.

Flowers are synonymous with grace and ephemeral beauty, but a close observer will notice that their familiar forms can look truly alien with the help of a zoom lens. (The prickly thistles featured above, for example, really appeared otherworldly to me!) Luckily my camera and my trusty rocketship dress prepare me for any sort of close encounters…


Canopied by a parted forest that my sister nicknamed “the tunnel of trees,” these paths feature stunningly beautiful light and shadow effects no matter the season.


It made me so happy to spot so many cheerful bees enjoying the last of the summer flowers! Stay healthy, you helpful little pollination friends.


If I had to undertake an epic quest of some kind, I’d probably do it in this dress and a pair of bike shorts. It continues to be the most comfortable garment I’ve ever purchased, ridiculous though it may be. Since I’m not quite ready to go to work looking like the art design for Magic Schoolbus: Space Exploration CD-ROM Game, I associate this dress with days off and fun adventures, too.


I hope my fellow Northern Hemisphere readers are enjoying these first, still-flowery days of fall! What strange and alien plants live near you? (And can anyone confirm or deny that the purple flower I captured was indeed some kind of thistle? I can tell you literally anything about endemic Hawaiian plant species, but put me in front of Mainland flora and fauna and I’m completely lost!)


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