outfit of the [yester]day: I’m nobody/I’m a mermaid


I’ve always been weirdly amused by shirts with slogans on them–they transform the wearer into a walking non sequitur. I adore the strangeness of announcing to the world that I’m apparently a mermaid, visual evidence notwithstanding.

It’s fitting, then, that I also encountered some public installations of Emily Dickinson’s poetry while wearing this top: including one with a particularly memorable slogan of its own! I’m perfectly satisfied to be both nobodyย andย a mermaid, and to participate in a kind of live-action found poetry.



The little details of the Dickinsons’ property look especially beautiful on autumnal days!


The house’s cheerful yellow trim never looks brighter than when it catches the late morning sun.


The Dickinson Museum isn’t the only charming old-style house in the area, though! There wereย plenty of other stately homes just waiting to serve as the perfect anachronistic backdrops for my pinup-inspired casual outfit. Scalloped, high-waisted shorts are about the only thing that can lure me away from dresses!

What’s the strangest slogan you’ve ever seen on a shirt? Am I the only one who takes such delight in their avant-garde nature?

3 thoughts on “outfit of the [yester]day: I’m nobody/I’m a mermaid

  1. Oh how I’d love to see the Dickinson house one day! I found a sweater online yesterday that had multiple drawings of a corgi face, each expressing whether it was feeling lovey or hungry or playful or whatever. But what made it EXTRA amusing (for me) was at the top it said “I want to ___” and below that it said the same in Japanese. Then each corgi was labeled in English and Japanese both! I suppose that one transforms the wearer into a walking workbook lesson?

    • That’s absolutely amazing! Language workbook apparel…what more could you want on a shirt? Although, to be fair, the corgi element is appealing enough on its own. I hope you will indeed get to visit the Dickinson estate someday–I count myself lucky that driving past it is basically part of my commute!

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