Outfit of the [Yester]day: Stargirl


I’d begin this post with a cheerful “Greetings from Washington, DC!” except…by the time you read this, I’ll already be halfway back to Massachusetts. Such are the small tragedies of quick trips.

My long weekend in our nation’s capital was grey, rainy, and packed with enough colorful modern art to compensate for the bleak weather. Predictably, I used this trip as an opportunity to dress in equally bright, Abstract Expressionist hues–and I had plenty of color-competition from these fantastic installations at the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden!


It’s been just about a year since my last fall trip to D.C.–a visit which happened to coincide with my Great Carpal Tunnel Crisis of ’15. When I took the epic Amtrak journey down south last October, I couldn’t write, type, or generally take care of myself, and my most prominent accessories were two massive wrist-brace gauntlets.

Little things like buttoning up clothes would have been impossible for me a year ago, so I decided to celebrate my victory over the CTS-beast by wearing my Nishe dress–its little star buttons are daunting even with my full range of motion! Thank you, occupational therapy, for helping me to recover and pursue impractical fashion once more.


I’ll close with this postmodern ziggurat for now, but you can expect a full schedule of museum posts over the next week or so–plus, who knows what will await me in my mailbox when I get off the train?


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