Fins & Pins! Unicorn Crafts Review


Everyone’s abuzz about pins these days–it feels like it’s 2003 again! As a lifelong brooch appreciator, I’m perfectly happy that these colorful little accessories are back in style and readily available. Enamel pins in particular may be all the rage, but I actually prefer the look of acrylic/resin ones myself: for whatever reason, they’re usually slightly larger and perfectly sized to fit on the lapel of a Peter Pan collar!

One creator of pretty laser-cut pins is the lovely Unicorn Crafts, a California-based designer who makes whimsical jewelry and accessories that are perfect for a fairy-tale dreamer like me. While browsing her wares on Instagram, I encountered this incredible mermaid pin (who’s even hugging a tiny octopus!) and knew we were meant to be. Come and marvel along with me as I open up this candy-colored mailing and the sweet siren it contained!

(Here’s my usual disclaimer–I bought this with my own money and my opinions are unendorsed and unbiased. I just like to share small businesses that I love!)


The package arrived (quickly!) in the sweetest pink bubble mailer: decorated with little doodles here and there! I was delighted by this little bear’s show of gratitude.


The pin itself was nicely wrapped up in more adorable paper! What is this–my birthday?


Here’s a preview of the pin’s display card! There’s no design choice I love better than a good ol’ cutesy script font paired with sleek, well-spaced sans serif text.


I’ll work my way up to the big reveal slowly by sharing the back of the card next. The pin is mounted on two sturdy posts that are easy to open and close. Don’t you love the beautiful shell pattern and ombre coloring, too?


And here she is: octopus buddy and all!

I had my pick of two different mermaid designs, but I chose this cutie because her tail perfectly matches my almost-entirely-sea-foam-green wardrobe. Just staring at her makes me so happy: and I received several compliments from the students on my tours today!


I’m tempted to get the other mermaid pin (who has a seahorse as her buddy!) the next time I need a pick-me-up: and I would highly recommend Unicorn Crafts as an excellent gift resource for the mermaid-lovers (and/or Keelys) in your life!

One thought on “Fins & Pins! Unicorn Crafts Review

  1. Sophie October 5, 2016 / 2:46 pm

    This is such a sweet pin, I am in love! xx

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