Outgoing Mail: The Life Aquatic


For whatever we lose(like a you or a me)

it’s always ourselves we find in the sea*

*or, alternatively, the substitute for the sea generated by making ocean-themed letters

– (not entirely) e.e. cummings

So, surprise–I decided to make more ocean-themed envelopes. I’m nothing if not consistent, I suppose! These are totally different from my last ones, though, and feature more of a marine biology theme than those crafted from inflight magazine jewelry ads.

Will I ever tire of oceanic outgoing mail? Well, give me a one-way ticket to the coast and a free house by the sea, and maybe then I’ll take a little break…


These envelopes took shape due to my fortuitous discovery of:

  • A slightly damaged, fifty-cent science book for kids at the Goodwill…all about the ocean!
  • A collection of beautiful aquatic stickers (20% off!) at Big Corporate Crafts Store.

You all know my position on “dying” books: if they’ve lost pages or suffered some other wound that affects their readability, I honor these poor tomes by reincarnating their less-destroyed pages into envelopes. And how lovely this book’s pages are! Beautiful full-spread illustrations and photographs bring the world beneath the waves to life.


Of course, I had to add pretty silliness to these informative book pages with these fishy stickers: though aren’t those wave ones just gorgeous?


They provided the perfect accent for my makeshift address labels!


Back when I merely altered pre-existing envelopes rather than making my own, it saddened me that I had no easy way of decorating the inside of the flap. Luckily, double-sided book pages take care of that for you! I hope the recipient of the otter/sea urchin envelope on the left enjoys learning a bit about COASTAL SEAS.


Unlike some of the other retro books I’ve salvaged in the past, this copy of Under The Sea has at least 40 pages, so I suspect literally every one of my pen pals will receive an ocean envelope at some point. Now I’m off to think deeply about which of my letter-friends would most appreciate a dolphin over a coral reef or bioluminescent fish…


  1. Well I would love any of those envelopes, they’re all so pretty (and make me want to run away to live in a hut by the sea, provided the hut has electricity that is, I’m of the modern age after all xD).

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