Outfit of the [Yester]day: Dachshunds in Autumn


I know many style bloggers tend to identify the brands from which they purchased each item of clothing in a particular outfit–but the stories behind each of my garments don’t always fit into a brand bullet-point!

If you, for example, wanted to know where you could buy this adorable dachshund-print dress, I could only advise you to:

  • travel back in time to April 2013
  • wander over to the row of Newington charity shops in Edinburgh’s Old Town
  • pop into Cancer Research UK literally minutes before 2013-Keely does to make sure that you, not me, find this dress hidden in a pile of menswear!

But then you’d be writing this blog post instead and may have also altered history in some significant way; who knows?


The dogs I grew up with were basically my non-human brother and sister. Licorice, a sweet chihuahua-poodle who became a part of the family when I was seven (2000-2014, R.I.P.), was eventually joined by Loki, a spirited dachshund who continues to ensure that my entire clan is obsessed with wiener dogs. Though each has his or her own personality, I’ve found that most doxies I’ve met share Loki’s intelligence, sassiness, and high energy levels.

I miss exploring my home forests in Hawai’i with our lava-dog, but this dress is a good reminder of the trademark dachshund cuteness!


In case you thought that the pattern on this dress could easily be black labs or something from afar–here’s proof that they are truly doxies. Loki looks just like these ones: black fur with brown markings on his belly and face. (We’d never put a bow on him, though.)

Oh, gosh, I give up, I’m just going to put a Loki photo in here anyway!


Surveying his rainforest domain–truly a divine dachshund.

Have you ever worn/bought anything that celebrates your love for a particular doggie in your life?

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