Outgoing Mail: Museums & Marine Life


I’m sure you’ve noticed that the title of this post essentially sums up my blog in a nutshell!

After last week’s letter-writing marathon, I’m proud to say that my “reply to this now!” pile has decreased from nine to zero envelopes. To be honest, I feel a bit disoriented without any letters to write: it’s become such a part of my evening routine. And it’s a shame, really, because I have so many gorgeous historic paintings and cute Hawaiian flora/fauna to send off to parts unknown! Here’s hoping I receive some new letters over the next few days so I can share this bounty of ephemera.


I crafted these envelopes from some leftover gallery handouts I picked up during my recent museum adventures. (I always keep one copy of educational materials for work, and the rest end up in my art journal or as letter-fillers!)

Too often, I make a lovely envelope and then have no idea how to add on an address label without completely ruining the look. Empty frames, however, match perfectly with an art historical envelope!


My mom has treated me, once again, to a beautiful package of souvenirs and paper goodies from back home. You can see native and invasive species alike in this menagerie (I think they originally came from a calendar?), including some of my favorites: a nēnē family (bottom left and center), a pueo (top-right owl!), and what I think is an ʻŌhelo bush with its signature red berries in the very middle!


Plus, I mean, there are always my usual sea buddies.


Have you ever run out of letters to reply to? How do you fill the letter-writing void in your life until your mailbox is full again? (I think I might start by finally carrying out a project I’ve meant to do for ages: deleting my Facebook for good and encouraging all remaining “friends” to correspond with me through snail mail instead!)


  1. There should be letter currently somewhere over the Atlantic on the way to you, though it could also still be having fun time in Reykjavik before boarding the plane. You never know what these letters are up to ones they start their journey!

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