New Posting Schedule!


Happy Friday, everyone–though, oddly enough, this might be the last Friday post you see from me for a while!

You’re probably well aware by now that I’m applying to doctoral programs this fall (while also simultaneously working full-time), and as my first deadline approaches, I am officially switching my blog posting schedule to a biweekly Tuesday/Thursday situation!

Blogging (and writing letters, and so forth) is my very necessary respite from thinking about all things art historical; I certainly don’t want to take a complete hiatus, so a modified schedule is my best compromise.

For the next two months, then, you’ll see new snail mail/crafting/stationery posts on Tuesdays and style/photography/whatever else later in the week. By the time January rolls around, you can expect my usual thrice-weekly schedule to resume: after all, I have to do something to occupy my mind while I wait anxiously for admissions decisions in February and March.

See you Tuesday for more of my postal adventures!

P.S. If anyone else out there happens to be undertaking a similar graduate application quest and wants to vent/stress out together/engage in a mutually beneficial proofreading swap, let me know!


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