If Wishes Were Seahorses…Fairytale Collars Review


If you were to graph the intensity of my love for Peter Pan collars over time, it would probably look like an exponential growth function. No matter that it’s been nearly four years since I first fell in love with this strange, rounded-lapel style: I just can’t get enough of them.

Of course, most of the Peter Pan collars I encounter are your run-of-the-mill dress-toppers. But what if there existed a magical type of collar that featured marine life or forest creatures or a sequined night sky?

Enter Fairytale Collars, an Instagram business that features the gorgeous creations of a sewing enchantress: whimsical accessories for clients like me who obstinately insist that being an adult doesn’t necessarily entail dressing in drab colors and the dreaded “business casual.” She lists ready-made collars for sale on a regular basis (though they disappear QUICKLY!) and also provides custom orders for those whose fingers aren’t speedy enough to catch one in time (i.e. yours truly).

I am absolutely in love with this sweet collar, and I will mention, as usual, that I bought it myself and am writing about it in my honest-and-Pollyannaish way. (My one disclaimer is that I am just about guaranteed to adore anything with a pink seahorse on it, so…just keep that in mind.)


I ordered my collar about a month ago–it took about two weeks until the order was completed, and then another week and a half for it to cross the Atlantic. It arrived (to much fanfare in the Mailboxmermaid household!) in beautifully ethereal wrappings.

Fun fact: I’m so committed to obsessively photographing everything I receive in the mail that I actually made myself wait an entire 12 hours before opening this package…as it was too dark for me to take a picture when I received it! Thanks, daylight savings.


This adorable seahorse applique has been stitched on securely, and gazes out at us from a crystalline eye. I love the kelp-esque accents and the pearl that she clutches as though she were a dragon!


Most ready-to-order collars are designed to complement seasonal themes and colors–so I was even more pleased that Emma kindly humored me and recreated one of her pastel-saturated summery designs for this ocean lover!


As someone who wears her grandmother’s antique pearl necklace every day, I’m glad to have another way to incorporate the pearlescent look into other outfits, too.

Have you ever ordered a custom-made/bespoke item from an artist? What are some of your favorite small businesses? I’m about to launch into major holiday shopping for my family and pen pals, and I’d love to support as many independent makers as possible!

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