Outfit of the [Yester]day: Ceaseless Seahorses


(“Two posts in a row?!?” you might say upon reading this outfit recap. Well, yes: if all goes well, I hope to spend tomorrow traveling, so enjoy this Friday post a little early!)

Lately, I’ve really done my best to cut down on my clothing purchases. I have so many lovely dresses already, and I am trying to save as much as I can! Still, I have had my eye on this Hell Bunny seahorse slip dress for about five months now, and when it went on sale, finally, I considered it a self-Christmas present.

Thanks to the imminent arrival of the most recent “polar vortex” weather conditions, there’s no way I could wear this on the East Coast any time soon. I guess it’s lucky that I will be near the tropics within a few days: provided this weekend’s winter storm lets me escape New England without too much delay!


If you have a keen eye for novelty prints and a near-photographic memory of every blog post I’ve ever written, you might notice that I have another dress that features this same seahorse design. Though that long cotton seahorse dress is respectable enough to wear to work with a cardigan, I think this gauzy, almost-nightgown-esque alternative is better suited to relaxed days in the Volcano forest and beach walks on the Kona coast. (Especially since last Christmas’ dengue fever epidemic back home is no longer active and I can actually feel comfortable wearing short sleeves again…)


The pretty mints and lavenders of these little guys are just too much!

I’m tempted to do another proper photo-shoot with this dress as soon as I get home: the seahorses naturally suggest an oceanic backdrop, but it occurs me to that these colors complement the purple and blue of Mauna Kea quite nicely.


If any of you are also traveling home (or into the unknown!) soon, be safe and I hope the weather stays on your side! The seahorses and I are rooting for you.

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