What’s In My Mailbox? A Whale of a Tale or Two


Thanks to the wizardry of an automatically queued blog, I should be spotting actual humpbacks on the Kona Coast by the time you read this! Before my blog undergoes its annual transition into “nature photos of Hawai’i and nothing else” mode, I wanted to share the last two pen pal letters I received prior to heading west. The parcel from the Netherlands included little nods to my oceanic destination, while my French pen pal’s mailing referenced a different kind of Hawaiian fauna.

Though I did provide my Hawai’i address in advance to a few pen pals, I really won’t be doing too much in the way of snail mail over the next few weeks…which is a little unusual for me! Luckily, I nevertheless have hatched a plan to spend some cold Big Island nights writing postcards from my volcanic home. So keep an eye out for those, friends!


Beautiful seaside souvenirs traveled to me from Normandie last week! Those watercolor ships in harbor remind me of similar art I saw in coastal Maine two years ago.


My friend discovered a botanical garden on her most recent journey and sent me this gorgeous butterfly patch! It’s an iron-on that will soon join a curated collection of patches on a denim jacket. You’ll notice in her note that a photo of Hawai’i’s native “Kamehameha butterfly” I sent her a few years ago was the inspiration for this gift.


Speaking of travel and my Pacific home, my next package from my very talented scrapbooker pen pal in the Netherlands was packed with marine and wanderlust-y goodies!


I enjoyed the around-the-world-in-80-stickers theme she created. (Including “Rusland,” my ancestors’ home!)


These stamp-inspired stickers are too much for me. I don’t know if I’ll ever find a notebook or other item that deserves to be graced with their presence. (Especially the Egyptian relief.)


She attached myriad interesting odds and ends throughout the flip-book.


And here are the two packages side-by-side! How appropriately red, gold, and Christmas-like.


Of course, the only thing better than receiving postcards depicting verdant trees and summery roads to unknown lands in the dead of winter is…genuinely being among verdant trees and winding Pali roads in the dead of winter. So on that note, I’m off to hang out with some tree ferns!


  1. Whale spotting!

    I am looking forward to the Hawaii photos. Please, if you happen to be so lucky as to go to the Hilo Farmers Market, document the heck out of it! I follow them on Facebook, & every time they post, I want to pack up my house.

    Hope you are already having a wonderful time!

    • Incidentally, whale spotting was EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL, even though it’s a little early for them! Lots of tail slaps visible from the road 🙂 And gosh, I haven’t been to the Hilo Farmers Market in years but would love to! We have a mid-sized market up here in Volcano that’s the source of most of my family’s produce, but maybe I can find an excuse to drive down some upcoming Wednesday or Friday…

      • They’re open 7 days a week–Wednesdays & Saturday just happen to be the days that they swell to 200 vendors, rather than 30 (according to their website). Honestly, it’s all about the produce & prepared food. I know if I were a local, I’d be a regular! =D

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