what to wear when… a well-behaved rabbit


‘Now my dears,’ said old Mrs. Rabbit one morning, ‘you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don’t go into Mr. McGregor’s garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor.’

‘Don’t worry, Inspirational Single Mother Bunny who has somehow kept us safe from this menace of a farmer up until today,’ replied her daughters, all in unison, because they were weird like that. ‘We’re not total fools driven solely by hedonism.’

-Beatrix Potter, kind of

The dubious honor of My First Pin of 2017 goes to…this Beatrix Potter brooch featuring Maternal Bunny Figure and my three favorite goody-two-shoes rabbitlings!

I always had a hard time identifying with Peter Rabbit. The dude makes some extremely questionable decisions, you know? His mother says “Peter, your father literally became a pie after he was caught in that vegetable garden,” and Peter’s like “whatever, I’m basically a wild teenager except a bunny.”

Insipid rule-follower that I am, I felt much closer to Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, Peter’s sweet sisters who obey their mother and innocently pick blackberries while their miscreant brother gets up to all sorts of shenanigans. You might think that the three girls are secondary, marginalized characters: but the very last scene in the story features these smug little geniuses feasting on bread, berries, and milk while Peter sulks in bed. This probably happens every week.

Plus, look how adorable their cloaks are! I’ll take those over Peter’s lost jacket any day.


The bunnies’ cloaks complement the newest addition to the Mailbox Mermaid Museum of Peter Pan Collar Life. I hardly ever wear true red, but I’ll accept cranberry from time to time.


Why did I decide to wear my cardigan half-off as though it were actually a pair of elbow-length glamor gloves? The world may never know. 


I’ve mentioned before that I rather prefer oversized acrylic/laser-cut wood brooches to the very popular enamel pins, and I feel as though I might continue to focus on the former as I expand my collection. Chiki Bird also offers brooches that feature a variety of other vintage children’s book characters–the day when there’s an Arthur Rackham pin available will be my undoing!


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