“Can We Get Back to Snail Mail, Please?”


One of my favorite mini-moments* in Hamilton takes place in “The Election of 1800,” a song that directly follows one of the most heart-rending numbers in the show. Tired by this preceding emotional journey, Thomas Jefferson starts by sassily saying “Can we get back to politics?”–and a clearly tearful Madison desperately adds “Please?”

Actually, I’m basically doing my best to avoid getting back to politics at the moment, but I think these lines apply equally well to my snail mail hiatus! I received a postal bin full of letters (seriously, there were too many to fit in my mailbox!) when I came home from my trip, which normally would delight me: except extenuating circumstances made me so morose and not-quite-in-the-letter-writing-mindset that I let many gorgeous envelopes remain unopened for weeks.

No longer, though: this snail mail blogger is back in action! And I’m so glad to have returned, because the mail that awaited me warmed my sad heart as much as the Hamilton soundtrack does.

*insert obligatory “this is not a [mini-]moment, it’s the [mini-]movement” here!


Isn’t this Christmas card from Stephanie the most amazing one you’ve ever seen? A holiday hobbit-hole! I can hear the sweet sounds of “Concerning Hobbits” automatically playing in my head already. I had to pair it with the lovely Lord of the Rings embroidery I received from another pen pal last year.


This fishy envelope from Argentina could surely bring a smile to the face of even the saddest snail mailer!


And guess what? The school of fish surrounded a mermaid print and a mini zine, both illustrated by my friend Mayra! I love her flowing, calligraphic, enchanting art style so much. Can I just live in the unicorn-filled world of her zine/children’s book, please?


These cute bears and their apparent excitement about school supplies make me wish I were going back to classes myself! Look at that capital “A” made from colored pencils! (Of course, to be fair, these could just as easily be ursine museum educators. I go through a lot of colored pencils in a day’s work.)


If you’ve noticed a color trend in these last three mailings…well, don’t be surprised. I’ve spoken before about how my pen pals seem increasingly aware of my obsession with teal/aqua/turquoise. This generous batch of goodies from Nevada includes my other top color: rose (literally, in the case of the stickers) pink!


A kind friend from California sent me a wide variety of Yuletide gifts…


…including envelope-shaped earrings and a necklace! (Keep an eye out for that necklace in a future outfit post!)


I’ll close with a charming pocket letter from my friend Dana! I love the phrase “beautiful & phenomenal”; it seems very unique in a world of overdone platitudes. I think it also describes her quite well!


She also enclosed an octopus necklace (required wearing for any future aquarium visits, naturally) and these really adorable, sparkly cut-outs. Those snow globes are so magical! I may…have already found uses for all three of them. That’s good news, though, as it means I’m making envelopes again!

To any of my pen pals who might be reading this: thank you for your patience, and I’m sorry about my little letter-writing break! Please know that reading your mail at last made me radiantly happy in a way I haven’t felt in weeks. I can’t wait to write back!


    • Thank you! 🙂 I have several “clotheslines” around my house where I clip up the mail that I receive so I can admire it for a time–and then after a while, I file it away into folders organized by sender! Someday I’d like to put some of the envelopes I receive into a photo album or something similar, so it’s easy to keep them safe and flip through whenever I want!

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