seventeen-mile drive


Yesterday, Western Massachusetts suffered a messy and miserable mix of sleet and snow and hail: so please believe that I’m taking any opportunity to send my mind back to California!

Of course, we couldn’t stop in the Monterey area without winding our way along the scenic Seventeen-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. The afternoon began misty and grey (why is that so much more beautiful by the sea than among the gloomy bare trees of New England winters?) and blossomed into another glowing sunset.

And although I can’t teleport myself back to the other side of the country, at least you can follow me on a multi-mile journey around a meandering coastal road!


Can you believe that those small black dots in the distance are surfers in wetsuits?


Stumbling over the serpentine forms of beached kelp startled and delighted me every time!


As usual, there were plenty of interesting avian creatures to spot–though things became a bit wild when a foolish busload of tourists decided it would be a good idea to throw breadcrumbs at a hungry flock of seagulls! 


Within the course of just a few minutes, I was able to marvel at many different variations in water color.


Here’s the famed Lone Cypress, its silhouette surprisingly small against the wide sky!


What I wouldn’t give to see this sunset every day!

3 thoughts on “seventeen-mile drive

  1. thesnailmail January 25, 2017 / 11:36 am

    That’s the TRADEMARKED Lone Cypress, LOL!

    Wow, it’s been soooo many years since I’ve paid the toll to go down 17-Mile Drive, that I didn’t even know you could walk down & touch sand! Your photos are beautiful.

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