snow + flowers


It’s been a good long while since I just did a casual “little photos of strange magical things I discover on my walks” post, hasn’t it?

Winter decided to show all of its faces during one brief February fortnight. Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen blizzards, endless Himalayan peaks of excavated snow, veils of ice spiderwebbed across every available surface, and gloriously creamy blue skies floating above frosted branches.

(I’ve also seen the beautiful light effects that occur when you place a pink carnation on theĀ melting snow on a surprisingly warm afternoon!)


I captured this silver birch just a day after our first major snowstorm! Trekking out to check out its bark up close was a hassle–I’m really wishing I had Legolas-like skills at walking atop snow these days!


Last Monday morning was breathtakingly gorgeous: enough to make me forget, for a brief moment, that I had to dig up the buried treasure formerly known as my car!


A kind-hearted colleague gave everyone at the museum carnations for Valentine’s Day, and I’ve been taking good care of my mini-bouquet ever since!

I thought this little carnation might like to see the world, though, and I wondered how its soft pink petals might contrast with the island of snow that spent most of this afternoon steadily shrinking into an atoll. I like to imagine this delicate flower gazing off into the sun and dreaming about springtime, much like I am!


2 thoughts on “snow + flowers

  1. IdleEmma February 20, 2017 / 5:26 pm

    I imagine that much snow is only fun when you’re on holidays xD

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