What to wear when…cosmic & canine


Dogs in spaaaace! I’d like to imagine that this retro-futuristic cosmic fantasy is the quirky afterlife in which an ascended Laika explores the universe with other astro-pups. (Rest in peace, little cosmonaut.)

With this dress, I think I have finally reached my novelty print apotheosis. How much weirder and more specifically tailored to my odd interests could you get? (I’m going to keep saying that and tempting fate until someone comes up with a space-whale fabric.)


In case you were worried about these excited doggies being unable to breathe in the vacuum of space, they are protected in flying saucers and space helmets! Safety first, space dogs!


I just can’t help but smile delightedly when I wear this!

You might recognize that this dress is the same style/cut as my celestial rabbit outfit. I wouldn’t say that the ruched bustier look is my first choice of dresses, but turtleneck layering makes this slightly more appropriate for work. I’d love this same fabric transformed into something with a much simpler neckline!


May your weekend boldly go where no weekend has gone before!


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