Outfit of the [Yester]day: City of Gold

yellow outfit (2 of 3)-2yellow outfit (2 of 3)

We may have just experienced the worst snowpocalypse since…well, last month…here in Western Mass, but I am stubborn as ever and insist on dressing for springtime! (And also wearing my glittery cuttlefish pin at every available opportunity, because why not?)

It wasn’t that cute enamel cephalopod, however, that inspired this particular outfit. My mom found that shell-with-a-pearl necklace at a thrift store over Thanksgiving, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it ever since! I’ve always preferred silver as my base metal (hey, I will take every available opportunity to sound like an alchemist), but my growing collection of gold-plated pins and accessories might just shift my sensibilities to every dragon’s favorite glimmering substance.

yellow outfit (1 of 3)-2yellow outfit (1 of 3)

This pendant required a little bit of a dusting – still, it cleans up quite nicely!

yellow outfit (3 of 3)

I’d love to enrich my discussion of this shell by invoking some relevant folkloric elements (shellements?), but darn it, all I can think is that the pendant in its flipped state looks an awful lot like Ariel’s daughter Melody’s magic locket from the iconic film THE LITTLE MERMAID 2: RETURN TO THE SEA.

Someday I hope my extensive knowledge of poorly-animated Disney direct-to-VHS sequels will save someone’s life (or at least win me some kind of trivia-related prize). In the meantime, I’ll be here, wearing gold, prominently pinning cuttlefish on my dresses, and wishing I too could Return To The Sea. (In a less poorly-animated way, though, please!)

yellow outfit (3 of 3)-2


  1. Ignore the weather outside, wear whatever you want! xD I think me and you are pretty opposite when it comes to outfits – you wear colourful summery outfits all year round while I insist on trying to wear my grey hoodies all year round, even in the heat of summer 😀

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