where we’re going, we don’t need roads

back to the future (3 of 4)

Jennifer isn’t exactly my favorite Back to the Future character (that dubious honor goes to George McFly), but as my flirtation with 80s fashion continues, I’ve found her style pretty exciting to emulate! Here’s hoping no one will leave me sleeping on a porch while they return to the time period of their choice.


Jennifer’s original vest (or is it just a sleeveless denim shirt? WHO KNOWS, EIGHTIES FASHION) is a little too oversized for my tastes–I made mine by cropping a girls’-size-large denim jacket from the Goodwill. My latticed picnic-basket-style skirt is also a thrifting find from a few years ago: who would’ve thought it might fit into a retro look like this one?

back to the future (1 of 4)

I’m possibly the world’s biggest fan of unintentional comedy–sometimes nothing brings me more joy than the accidental hilarity of some of Netflix’s worst direct-to-video sequels. Consequently, sometimes when I watch an actually good movie, I’m surprised by how well-crafted films can be! Silly though it is, Back to the Future is one of the most detailed, carefully-constructed movies I’ve ever seen: plus, you can imagine that that the 50s/80s fashion combo is a dream come true!

If you have any favorite films with mid-century aesthetics and a tightly constructed plot (time travel optional!), let me know–my life is starting to feel like Mystery Science Theater 3000 on loop!

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