what’s in my mailbox? offline is the new luxury

more letters (3 of 11)more letters (11 of 11)

Two blog posts in one week after my extended hiatus? It’s no April Fool’s joke, don’t worry! (My Polish-American heritage means my childhood springtime holiday of choice is “Dyngus Day,” anyway.)

This flow magazine postcard from my German pen pal quite aptly sums up my lifestyle lately. I’m trying to strike the balance between spending offline and continuing to pursue my digital hobbies (which includes blogging!). Thanks for your patience with me as I enjoy this luxurious existence!

Speaking of the joys of offline communication: let’s take a look at some springtime letters!

more letters (9 of 11)more letters (10 of 11)

In addition to her ever-wise postcard, my dear pen pal sent me a very nautical letter filled with some of the most amazing photographs I’ve ever seen (which she took herself!). The vintage hazy aesthetic and oceanside setting is the ultimate Keely-approved combination!

more letters (6 of 11)

On the subject of my beloved salt water, this coral-reef-in-an-envelope recently swam in from the Netherlands!

more letters (8 of 11)

It included her usual generous array of good wishes…

more letters (7 of 11)

…and–did I mention?–fishes!

more letters (1 of 11)

I’ll close with the most vernal, blossoming envelope from Spain! I love this collage of mixed prints and floral elements. (Those mushrooms!)

more letters (4 of 11)

Imagine the patience needed to cut out this beautiful plant, though!

Okay, I’ll close with some exciting news! For the first time in a few months, you’ll have some travel & landscape photos as I journey out of the country for the first time in 2017. Next week, as the trip approaches, I might even share some thrilling adventure-preparation posts – like in the good ol’ days!

(Still not an April Fool’s joke, seriously.)

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