I walk the crinoline (Lindy Bop net petticoat)

petticoat2 (1 of 3)petticoat (2 of 3)

You knew this day was coming, folks. After a yearlong foray into the glories of 1950s- and 60s-inspired fashion, I’ve finally purchased one of those dang petticoats. In fact, it’s a cheerful pastel crinoline consisting of enough layers of yellow, feathery tulle to evoke Big Bird at the ballet.

When I tore open the airmail package on Saturday and came face-to-face with the reality that I had purchased an archaic garment intended to make me resemble one of those bizarre Barbie doll cake toppers, I’ll admit that there was a moment of existential doubt.


  • it was only $10 on sale – and that’s probably the equivalent of what one might spend at a certain New England donut and coffee purveyor over the course of three days, so I think I’m all good, and
  • I’ve kind of always wanted to capture the aesthetic of one of those bizarre Barbie doll cake toppers, I guess?

petticoat2 (2 of 3)

The crinoline emerged from its packaging in a cranky, crinkled, and apparently introspective mood. I gave it a few minutes.


I bought a 23″ petticoat in the hopes of pairing it with some of my longer dresses with full skirts intended for this very purpose. (In my pre-petticoat days, dresses like this one -which I’ve also styled here –  had so much extra fabric flopping around that I could’ve probably turned them into a makeshift tent if necessary!)

As you can see, I’ve now achieved my lifelong dream of having the body of a shield volcano!

petticoat2 (3 of 3)

Why, I found myself asking, are petticoats even a thing? (I mean, obviously the answer is “because they’ve been giving dresses the various popular shapes required by women’s fashion for the past few centuries, usually for the purpose of accentuating the smallness of one’s waist.” But also, why?)

petticoat (3 of 3)

More importantly, why are they so unexpectedly fun to wear? Why am I suddenly overcome by the need to take to the streets of Western Mass and show off a skirt that seems to defy gravity?


    • My thoughts exactly! There might be some skipping and dancing involved in my everyday walking over the next few days 🙂 (by the way – thank you for your Edinburgh postcard! Crazily enough, I’m going there this week!)

      • Oh wow! Exciting!! I highly recommend walking up Arthur’s Seat. It’s brilliant. How long are you there for?
        I still need to reply to your letter yet, but I don’t seem to have much free time these days so it’s taking me a while. I will reply eventually 😊

      • Oh, Arthur’s Seat will be a must! I’m only there for just under a week, but it will be a fun and thrilling getaway 🙂 In a twist of fate, you might find yourself with an Edinburgh postcard in *your* mailbox before long! And no worries about replying – take your time, and I’m happy to hear from you whenever!

  1. Petticoats are the BEST. I need to start owning more clothing I can show them off in.

    When I got married I took my dress into the bridal shop and asked for the biggest petticoat they sold. It took some convincing (and showing off the dress) to prove that I really did need the BIGGEST one. And on my wedding day I still paired it with another, smaller full-length petticoat I already owned. And I probably could have worn a third…

    I like big and floofy when it comes to dresses. =)

    • I am in awe of your expert petticoat knowledge! I feel like I’m going to become addicted really quickly, at this point. I bet you looked amazing with that maximum elegant floofiness!

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