postcard party

postcard party (3 of 7)postcard party (5 of 7)

Surprise: I’m traveling abroad today (and am posting this from the past in my usual time-hopping manner)!

Do you know what else travels? Postcards! (I kind of hope that I could get overseas faster than a postcard, but who knows?) By sheer coincidence, it seems like pen pals (and parents) have been sending me a plethora of postcards lately. I’ll let them take the lead today while I jet off to parts unknown!

postcard party (1 of 7)

Thank you, Stephanie, for the sweetest package of Easter treats! (I have, indeed, eaten much of them in these pre-Easter weeks. How could I resist?)

I’ve never seen a box mailer decorated so beautifully – I love the watchful gaze of this gorilla and the perfectly coordinated frog postcard and tea samples. (I added the jade stones myself, just for color-coordinating fun!)

postcard party (2 of 7)

Did I use the adjective “watchful” already? Dang, I should have saved it for this side of the box.

postcard party (7 of 7)

Knowing that I was about to head off on a grand adventure, my pen pal from PA very kindly sent me a little “bon voyage!” message. Maritime page flags were also involved. I am keeping her good wishes in mind in the hopes that they will counteract my inevitable travel nervousness!

postcard party (4 of 7)

Though it’s a wonder I need to travel anywhere with this Ireland-tour-in-four-postcards that Emma sent me!

postcard party (6 of 7)

The art style on all four is absolutely incredible (and actually reminds me of an artist who used to illustrate children’s books set in Alaska? Anyone else with family ties to the 49th state know what I’m talking about?), but of course the puffin has to be my favorite.

Here’s hoping I’ll have stories of my own fit to fill many postcards by the time you hear from me next!

One thought on “postcard party

  1. IdleEmma April 5, 2017 / 6:02 pm

    Thought you might like the puffin! He is pretty cute 🙂

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