outfit of the [yester]day: in puffins we trust

deep sea world (1 of 2)puffin (3 of 3)deep sea world (2 of 2)

Would that this post were filled with photos of actual puffins soaring (and waddling) their way around the Scottish coast! I dreamed of spying my favorite seabirds during my trip to Edinburgh, but it was totally wistful thinking, as those guys tend to show up around later in the spring. Until next time!

Amazingly, I can host an entire colony of puffins thanks to this most novel of novelty print dresses. Even more amazingly, it turns out that other plural terms used for a group of puffins include “a circus of puffins” and “an improbability of puffins.” Could these birds get any cuter?

puffin (1 of 3)

I’ve never encountered this specific of a bird print before–with the exception of my pelican dress, and even those guys were depicted in a pretty stylized way. (So stylized, in fact, that I didn’t notice at first that they are probably gannets, not pelicans!)

Had I the resources with which to design my own avian-themed attire, I would create fabric featuring:

  • Hawaiian honeycreepers, especially my beloved ʻiʻiwi
  • rockhopper penguins
  • magnificent frigatebirds
  • and/or, NATURALLY, superb birds of paradise.

Those are just wild dreams, though! I am already lucky enough to live in a world in which puffin-print exists. Perhaps I’ll be able to spot an improbability of them next time I’m in Scotland in this dress!



  1. I like your dresses, they spread joy 🙂
    If I could have whatever bird print, I’d choose a phoenix one!
    I suppose that many phoenixes make an improbabiblity, too. Technically a single phoenix is an improbability, too, isn’t it? 😉

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