outfit of the [yester]day: she buys seashells

shell dress (3 of 4)shell dress (4 of 4)shell dress (2 of 4)

I have never, in fact, purchased a seashell in my life–I much prefer to find them on my own–but a dress with shell embroidery? That I can’t resist!

You’re about to experience yet another classic Mailbox Mermaid dress-acquiring narrative, consisting of the usual progression of:

  1. discovering a newly-released, retro-inspired garment, likely with marine or nautical influences
  2. bemoaning its pirate’s ransom of a price
  3. waiting patiently like a gulper eel for a sale to transform said garment into something vaguely reasonable for my budget

I have to admit that this iteration of the story had a more tragic bent, because I was legitimately saddened when I first glimpsed this incredible dress and then released it retailed at just under $80. I assumed I’d have to wait until fall for a pink and summery mermaid dress to go on sale: but as luck would have it, a surprise one-day-only clearance brought us together, resulting in nearly the same degree of personal satisfaction and delight as finding an unbroken conch or cowrie!

shell dress (1 of 4)

Let’s be honest: I would probably wear this dress even without the shell embroidery, as I’m unnecessarily drawn to jumpers these days. These pink scallops surrounded by a galaxy of bubbles and stars, though, were basically made for me.

As you might have noticed from the first photo, the silver buttons that run down the length of the dress are also scallop-shaped!

I am dreaming of the day when I’ll get to wear this dress (and my ridiculous floppy hat!) while watching Pacific waves break back home — but in the meantime, I’ll settle for this beautifully blooming tree and a balcony I can pretend is the deck of a ship!

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