pin review: mousemoth by minnow & moss

mousemoth (1 of 6)mousemoth (6 of 6)

My menagerie of pins continues to grow, broadening into a bestiary of the most fantastic creatures! The newest member of my merry band of enamel revelers is this gorgeous leafy creature–a mousemoth by Minnow & Moss.

It’s been many a year since I darkened the door of a certain extremely popular microblogging site, but in the days that I did, I used that platform exclusively to discover enchanting artists. Among those lovely illustrators kindly introduced to me through Tumblr was Olivia Chin Mueller: now you too can spend hours poring over her magical portfolio!

Anyway, Minnow & Moss is the combined efforts of Olivia and her mother Tracye, and they have a variety of beautiful pins for sale. I bought this mousemoth as a seconds-sale item, which usually means the pin has some kind of minor flaw (hence the discounted price)–though I can’t for the life of me figure out what it might be! This mousemoth is perfect just the way she is.

mousemoth (2 of 6)

Viewed from the right angle, the mousemoth is illuminated by a delicate golden glow!


mousemoth (3 of 6)

She’s a tiny creature, perfectly sized for hanging out on your fingertips.

mousemoth (5 of 6)

The beautiful script font of the Minnow & Moss logo even puts in an appearance on the reverse of the pin.

mousemoth (4 of 6)

It’s springtime and I’m basically wearing my trench coat every day, so I am happy that this little khaki-matching friend can accompany me everywhere! I hope the rest of my pins won’t get jealous at my blatant favorites-playing–they’ll get their own turns soon enough.

(And now this has taken an odd “unnecessarily anthropomorphizing my pins” turn, so I think I’ll end things here. Have a good weekend!)

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