pin review: “courage, dear heart” by the clever clove

courage pin (5 of 7)courage pin (3 of 7)

What incredible luck I’ve had with “seconds” pins of late! My newly beloved mousemoth pin (about which I apparently cannot stop talking) is practically perfect in every way, even though I bought it at a wonderful discount, and, in a similar vein, I am nothing but impressed by this seconds-sale enamel pin with a courageous theme from The Clever Clove on Etsy. (Watch me refer to it not-so-sneakily in every one of next week’s updates!)

As I’ve alluded in previous posts (to put it lightly), exactly a week ago I faced a surgical fear that has haunted me for nearly a decade. I know that wisdom teeth extractions are pretty commonplace here in the states, but as someone with incredible needle anxiety, I have dreaded this day since I first turned sixteen and learned that I did indeed have a quartet of those unwanted beasts. I had to get it done–and I was remarkably brave in the days leading up to it!–so when I randomly stumbled upon* this beautifully designed pin quoting my favorite inspirational lion, I figured it had to be a good totem to carry with me before this bleak venture!

*I really need to stop searching “seconds sale pins” on Etsy and wantonly coveting whatever pretty things catch my attention–but it’s just such fun, and I love to support small businesses and artists!

courage pin (4 of 7)courage pin (1 of 7)

The Clever Clove’s Heidi mentions on Etsy that she is “on a mission to fill the world with cute enamel pins and patches”–a goal I support wholeheartedly, considering that I am on a mission to fill my life with cute enamel pins designed by creative people like her! I may just slightly be the target audience here. Maybe. 

My little dose of courage arrived in sweetly cute packaging with a handwritten note! Luckily I had the perfect weird mesh fabric to serve as a backdrop.

courage pin (6 of 7)

It’s one of those pin backs that I can actually use even though I have no nails! Hurray!

courage pin (7 of 7)

Anyway, this phrase is–as far as I know it–from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and I appreciate its sweet and gentle message of encouragement. Plus, a good pairing of sans serif and script lettering? You know that’s my secret weakness.

May you go bravely into the end of your weeks, folks!

2 thoughts on “pin review: “courage, dear heart” by the clever clove

  1. Elena May 20, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    Beautiful 😊
    I didn’t remember that quote, it’s time to reread my beloved Chronicles of Narnia!

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