outgoing mail: species speaking

envelopes (3 of 6)envelopes (1 of 6)

I’m working at catching up on my post-wisdom-teeth-drama letter backlog, I promise! The first step is creating envelopes, which is always my favorite way to occupy idle hours: especially with a fresh stack of old calendars and magazines featuring Hawai’i’s native species from my parents back home.

I don’t know what silly mood inspired me to bestow speech bubbles upon these creatures that share my island birthplace–they include two nēnē (Hawaiian geese) and a wide-eyed humpback whale–but I’m rather fond of the goofy finished product!

envelopes (4 of 6)

These nēnē are so naturally expressive! I enjoyed (not-so) carefully cutting each of them out from their original glossy locations and superimposing them over beautiful forest backgrounds. I imagine the one on the top left will intimidate anyone who dares stand in the way of this letter’s journey, while the bottom goose is far more meditative.

envelopes (6 of 6)

Yes, this whale is swimming at a very bizarre angle compared to this school of fish–the specific orientations of calendar pages sometimes complicate my recycled envelope crafting!

envelopes (2 of 6)envelopes (5 of 6)

I’ve sensed my mail art style developing a little lately–I like the idea of experimenting with collages and mixed-media designs while maintaining my obsession with recycled materials. Will this mean more quotations from the fauna of Hawai’i? We shall see!



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