walking with dinosaurs

dinos (3 of 9)dinos (7 of 9)dinos (4 of 9)

Nothing says “cute lifestyle blogger aesthetic” like a series of photos of open-mawed animatronic dinosaurs, right?

Last weekend, I took a road trip four states over for an important family event–that also included an obligatory stop at a certain Pennsylvania attraction that we’d been eyeing for years. It’s probably no secret that, like the eight-year-old I am at heart, I have a soft spot for all things saurian, and this outdoor jungle of prehistoric beasts sent me into a glorious state of raptor–I mean, rapture.

(Also, yes, in case you were wondering: I did indeed wear my dinosaur dress.)

dinos (5 of 9)

While these photos reflect the dinos’ sharp teeth, glittering carnivorous (and herbivorous and omnivorous) eyes, and detailed skin, please also imagine them moving slowly, their necks pulsing up and down as though breathing, and strange, guttural roar sound effects looping over and over again.

dinos (6 of 9)

This dude, on the other hand, made the most hilarious squawking noise imaginable.

dinos (1 of 9)

Many of them were accurately depicted with feathers covering their tall heads and necks!

dinos (8 of 9)

My old beloved, the stegosaurus, looked fairly pensive compared to his more ferocious companions.

dinos (9 of 9)

Those armored plates, though!

dinos (2 of 9)

If this place ever gets overcrowded and wants to send off a dino or two to a new home, I’m ready and waiting. Imagine how passersby might react upon seeing the carefully-rotating head of a triceratops or compsognathus (my tiny friend!) staring out of my window?

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