what’s in my mailbox? go and catch a falling star

mail (1 of 6)mail (2 of 6)

Never has a mail haul so inspired me to quote John Donne! I know I tend to describe basically everything stamped that’s sent my way as “magical,” but these letters are enchanting in the most unique of ways. Mythical creatures of all kinds have traveled to me from Argentina, Iceland, Norway, and the U.K. over the past few weeks!

mail (4 of 5)

My wonderfully talented illustrator pen pal from Argentina sent me more works of art to add to my steadily-growing exhibition of her oeuvre! I love the serpentine, twisted movement of the lines comprising this deep-sea print.

mail (5 of 5)mail (3 of 6)

She also sent me an adorable trio consisting of a mermaid, a plesiosaur-type creature, and a jar of stars, which is basically all of my hopes and dreams in sticker form. (They make handy censors for incoming mail addresses, too! Here they’ve taken over this beautiful envelope from Norway.)

mail (4 of 6)mail (5 of 6)

I was delighted to find that this Icelandic stamp (and the contents of the envelope it accompanied!) perfectly match my new seahorse bedspread. And that jellyfish! What a graceful beauty!

mail (1 of 5)

In closing–take a look at these glowing creatures and their pleasingly pastel habitat that have recently taken up residence in my home! One can only guess that their creator is someone very dear who knows exactly how to delight me.

mail (6 of 6)

Fast friends!

Keep an eye out, as I suspect both sets of tiny creatures might sneak their way into future posts…

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