thrifting haul: miranda

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If by your art, my dearest father, you have

put the wild waters in this roar, allay them!

So spake I while living my theatrical dreams as a seventeen-year-old playing Miranda in a college production of The Tempest. I’m very fond of this isolated island castaway and the brave new world she discovers, and it’s probably no surprise that I still have most of her lines memorized: including the bold opening speech in which she begs her wizard-father to stop the darn storm that he’s churned up. Seriously, Prospero, someone’s going to write a play about this all now.

This $3 thrift-store dress (it was sold to me as a shirt, but I’m pretty darn sure it’s just a really short dress? Or maybe I’m just too flexible in my clothing classifications) immediately reminded me of Miranda. Perhaps it’s the open-shoulder design, which might appeal to a daughter of a noble-sorcerer who needs her full range of motion to survive on a mysterious island. In any case, I was happy to play Prospero and develop the illusion still further by adding on a few maritime accessories!

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Last year, at this time, I had just finished up my whirlwind month of leading tours for an exhibition of Shakespeare’s First Folio–and I think I’ve shown off the souvenir pin I received in recognition of my museum adventures in a previous pin roundup post! The colors are a good match for this floral dress, though, and I think it complements the Shakespearean theme.

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Now I’m wondering what other contemporary adaptations of Shakespearean heroines might be lurking in my closet (or the local thrift shop). So many productions think of Lady MacB as a kind of shadowy, seductive figure in velvets and satin, but what about wearing a lacy white slip dress to mimic a nightgown? For some reason I’m picturing Beatrice wearing fashion overalls (but maybe that’s just because my life is much ado about fashion overalls at the moment). I can’t even imagine how much fun I could have with assorted fairy, ghost, and/or witch characters.

Should this be a future outfit post series? Maybe. Should I just acquire a First Folio of my own? Most definitely. 


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