pin review: trilobite by natelle draws stuff

trilobite (4 of 7)trilobite (7 of 7)

Happy Trilobite Friday! At the start of June, I had just been thinking that my pin collection was seriously lacking in representation of Paleozoic ocean life–and then Natelle Draws Stuff released a brass 3D trilobite pin and I became more delighted than I’ve felt in eons.

I’m aware that I am totally setting myself up for strangers telling me “ew, there’s a bug on your collar!”*: but introvert though I may be, I remain incredibly excited to spread the good word of trilobite natural history to anyone who happens to question my accessory choices.

*I mean, it is an arthropod, but it’s a cute one! Come on!

trilobite (2 of 7)

The trilobite arrived in charming packaging that matched my comforter more than the pin itself. I think that manatee business card would delight my mother, who might find it in a letter sometime soon! (Hi, Mom.)

trilobite (5 of 7)

This is my first metallic pin, and I adore its shimmery steampunk appearance and how it sparkles in the sunlight. (It also happens to perfectly match my retro furniture!)

I’m guessing this cutie belongs to the genus Walliserops because of the “trident” atop its head: whatever its identity, it sure is beautiful! Those engraved ridges are pleasantly soothing to the touch, too.

trilobite (3 of 7)

With two pin backings, this little guy isn’t falling off anytime soon…

trilobite (6 of 7)

…which means it’s ready for a lifetime of adventure!

trilobite (1 of 7)

Just for fun, here are a few other Paleozoic sea creatures that I’d love to wear proudly on my lapels:

  • Cute early brachiopods!
  • Dunkleosteus, to bring me confidence (and big teeth) in intimidating situations!
  • Pituriaspida! What even are these guys?
  • And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Keely blog post without a mention of Tiktaalik. Seriously, I spend every morning searching the name of my beloved fishapod on Etsy hoping someone will have merchandised them already. Maybe that’s my future design career in the making?

(As usual, here’s my obligatory disclaimer that I bought this trilobite with my own carefully hoarded pin money! Wouldn’t you?)

One thought on “pin review: trilobite by natelle draws stuff

  1. Loucke June 9, 2017 / 11:39 am

    That is so cute!

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