outfit of the [yester]day: not-really nineteenth-century

lace (4 of 4)lace (3 of 4)

There’s absolutely nothing nineteenth-century about this dress–the vintage reproduction company from which I purchased it touted the style as 1940s-inspired, I believe, and collar dresses are sufficiently popular at the moment for my look to pass as something simply romantically contemporary.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been spending an unprecedented amount of time in a house inhabited by a nineteenth-century poet, but for whatever reason, I feel like this simple dress captures some of the Victorian aesthetic nonetheless. At any rate, I’m thinking it will be most suitable for leading historic house tours in the future, assuming I won’t have access to authentic Victorian period dress!

Emily Dickinson once described herself, in lieu of a visual portrait, as having hair “bold, like the chestnut burr.” Usually, I’m fond of my bright rainbows of jewel tones and pastels, but I have been finding myself drawn more and more to the contrasting “boldness” of earth tones, particularly brown. I certainly wouldn’t mind co-opting the cozy aesthetics of a chestnut burr, prickles and all!

lace (2 of 4)

Nothing like major life transitions and some intensive study of American poetry to help you through existential style soul-searching, I guess?

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