what’s in my mailbox? “I hide myself within my flower”

snail mail july (7 of 9)snail mail july (3 of 9)snail mail july (9 of 9)

As my life has quickly become a wonderfully ceaseless cycle of Emily Dickinson research,  I anticipate that all posts for the foreseeable future may include references to her verse or letters. In any case, I’m happy to hide myself within these flowers (and trees, and sea creatures)–all kindly sent to me in recent pen pal letters!

In praise of her beloved conservatory, Dickinson wrote “My flowers are near and foreign, and I have but to cross the floor to stand in the Spice Isles.” The letters I receive from my pen pals fulfill the same lovely function: I have but to cross the road to my mailbox to stand in Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, and Nevada, in this case!

snail mail july (1 of 9)

A Canadian friend sent me the most thoughtful birthday package, which I attempted to display in the enigmatic style of the “flat lay.” I wasn’t wholly successful, but look how well the colors coordinate!

snail mail july (2 of 9)

I’m particularly passionate about this narwhal-in-a-bottle notepad, which is just about the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I want to tear off a few sheets to include in every letter I send, inscribed with no other message than “look how cute these narwhals are!”

This trove of gifts also included the dolphin-themed pen I featured in the opening of this post–it’s a supposed “seven-year pen,” and although I’m not sure if it can truly keep me satisfied until 2024, it writes very well at the moment!

snail mail july (5 of 9)

This pheasant hid beneath a border of washi tape on a collaged envelope from Spain!

snail mail july (6 of 9)

I was over the moon when I saw that my friend had enclosed these Cicely Mary Barker flower fairy stickers and ephemera! They match the quilt my mom made for me when I was a Flower Fairies-obsessed child.

snail mail july (4 of 9)

Look at this verdant paradise of an envelope! Matching the Oscar de la Renta stamp with the forested background is a genius move–I would have never noticed that stamp’s woodsy qualities otherwise! (This pen pal is also responsible for that beautiful floral envelope I showcased above.)

snail mail july (8 of 9)

To close, here’s a tiny representative sample of the floral wonders sent to me from the Netherlands! I photographed these cards because I’ve been moderately obsessed with bunnies lately–I keep spotting these crepuscular creatures shyly darting through the bushes or sleeping lazily in the sunset glow. An omen? If so, to what end? A premonition of rabbit-themed mail to come? I certainly wouldn’t mind!

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