quite at home with the Dandelion

yellow dress (2 of 4)yellow dress (5 of 5)

“I am from the fields, you know,” writes my favorite American poet and new professional fixation, “and while quite at home with the Dandelion, make but a sorry figure in a Drawing-Room…”

Oh how I agree! As delightful as it was to play dress-up in full vintage regalia–petticoat and semi-victory-rolls and all–I am indeed more at home with flowers and fields than social gatherings. I’m perfectly content to bedeck myself in bright colors that happen to remind me of dandelions themselves: and then stay in the comfort of my own home!

yellow dress (4 of 5)

When I ordered this dress, I thought it would be a lot yellower than it is in reality–screen variations will do that for you!–but I’m actually very pleased with its deeper mustard tone. They always told me that redheads can’t wear yellow, but I’d like to think this tone is the exception!

yellow dress (1 of 5)

I recently acquired a simple watch to accompany me on my tour-guiding, and this retro-looking beauty has been a good friend to me these past few weeks. As a child, I remember reading an essay by Isaac Asimov (a favorite of mine in my youth!) in which he describes–if I recall correctly!–how much he enjoys checking the time on a watch: not because he’s in a hurry or bored, but because it provides the supreme feeling of being a kind of master of time.

yellow dress (3 of 4)

Vintage hair, why are you so difficult (to do without the assistance of hairspray, which I don’t like to use — I suppose that’s the necessary caveat!)? Maybe it’s for the best that I’d prefer to avoid drawing-rooms in this ensemble. Who knows how long this updo would last!


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