outfit of the [yester]day: tidepool time

dresses (1 of 2)dresses (1 of 3)

Every time I think I’ve finally acquired the paragon of ocean-themed dresses, another fabric designer decides to add more nautiloids and seahorses to their novelty print!

I wore this for the first time on my last day of work, and it seems a fitting ensemble for new beginnings. The menagerie of sea creatures softly swirling* in these watercolored aquamarine polyester depths soothe me as I transition into life as a student again!**

*I don’t fully understand why those scallops and sea stars and conch shells are just suspended in what is presumably the middle of the water, but perhaps this skirt is more of a fabric tidepool!

**Plus, this is also the best match I’ve found for my turquoise-haired mermaid brooch so far!

dresses (2 of 2)

Lindy Bop’s summer prints have proved impeccable so far, though I’m still dreaming of the day when my beloved mola/sunfish will grace a garment. (I feel like Monterey Bay Aquarium is potentially missing the boat on a quirky souvenir clothing item here…)

The only challenge with this dress – if ever there could be any issues with a skirt covered in my favorite sea creatures – is that the adorable buttoned pockets below the waist make the hips of the dress bulge awkwardly when viewed from the front. It’s easy to remedy this by spinning around, as pictured above. Clearly I’ll just need to spend every moment in this dress twirling!

dress ♥ lindy bop

pin ♥ unicorn crafts

tiny yellow hair tie  ♥  borrowed from a doll

incredible nineteenth-century natural history prints that I recreated so badly on copy paper ♥ ernst haeckel

my ever-present love of Cephalopoda ♥ spurred on by Monterey Bay’s Tentacles exhibit, which is amazing, go check it out

gosh, guys ♥  shouldn’t I include these incredibly helpful outfit breakdowns all the time??

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