snail mail favorites: blast from the pastel

stationery haul (5 of 9)stationery haul (1 of 9)stationery haul (8 of 9)stationery haul (4 of 9)

With each passing day, my stationery choices make me even more of a parody of myself! Cactus cards? Soft pastel unicorn notepads-repurposed-for-letter-writing? Holographic mermaid folders? Thank you, popular culture, for supporting my unabashed childlike quirkiness with your school & pen pal supplies selections.

As we inch closer to grad school go-time, you can expect this blog to become a little bit more of a stationery oasis – as someone who takes any excuse to organize my life in a cute way, I am already neatly tucking away all of my registration paperwork into these ridiculous folders. Is it madness, or is it mermazing? Only time will tell.

stationery haul (6 of 9)

I’m not one to send out “pre-made” envelopes frequently, but these cacti writing sets certainly tempt me! You can’t see it too well here, but they feature the most gorgeously glowing gold foil. It’s also very hard to exceed the one-stamp one-ounce weight rule in a tiny envelope like this (though I’m sure I’d certainly try…).

stationery haul (3 of 9)stationery haul (9 of 9)

Speaking of glowing, these shimmering folders are such stuff as dreams are made on (yes, on!). I’d be happy to eschew the cutesy sayings and just admire the scale patterns, but I can certainly live with silly mermaid puns if I must.

stationery haul (2 of 9)

My obsession with using notepads for stationery purposes may never die, because it’s just so affordable and convenient! I sometimes attempt to cover up the apparently necessary “Notes” declaration with washi tape, but I love this script font and might just leave it be. Pen pal letters certainly are a collection of notes, in their own way!

stationery haul (7 of 9)

What are your stationery weaknesses, my fellow letter-writers? Whatever they are, I hope you’re writing on the letterhead of your dreams sometime soon!

One thought on “snail mail favorites: blast from the pastel

  1. IdleEmma August 9, 2017 / 6:19 am

    So much lovely stationery, I want it all! xD

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