what’s in my mailbox? sunken treasure

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When I return home after some weeks of travel, I always do feel a bit like an explorer when I open my mailbox: never sure what treasures I might encounter within that long-abandoned chamber.

Such letters also ease the transition of the return journey, giving me the sense that someone is welcoming me back to my normal life. So thank you, pen pals, for some especially appreciated mermaid mail this month! I’d shower you all in sand dollars if I could.

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This post’s title takes its inspiration from this incredible box from Pennsylvania – there’s something as thrilling as a treasure hunt about opening an envelope to find yet something else to open inside!

snail mail (9 of 12)

Especially when its interior is decorated with kelp!

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Here’s a close up of the adorable seashell pin my pen pal included, which merits its own portrait! It also happens to perfectly complement two of my resident seahorses.

snail mail (4 of 12)

A charming selection of oceanic and floral wares also arrived from Ireland! These stickers and the vintage sea animals won my heart immediately. They all have such skeptical expressions! That seal is so done.

(You might also notice the tiny collection of seashells in the bottom corner of the card: that entire image encompasses my future windowsill goals.)

snail mail (6 of 12)

Of course, I had to include a few color-coordinated selections from a letter just in from Nevada! I was especially excited about that Everglades postcard…

snail mail (8 of 12)

…because now my collection of the vintage-inspired National Park designs can continue to grow!

snail mail (1 of 12)

My pen pal from Canada wrote that the mermaid-themed collection released by a certain craft store reminded her of me — which is appropriate, as I’ve been obsessed with the associated paper, stickers, and washi tape since they came out this spring. I hadn’t yet encountered that pretty embossed seahorse paper, though!

snail mail (3 of 12)

I will close with a charming cat from Norway, whose calm demeanor and mastery of Peter Pan collar style I will attempt to emulate as the school year begins!


One thought on “what’s in my mailbox? sunken treasure

  1. IdleEmma August 31, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    It doesn’t happen very often for me (because I don’t leave my house very often) but I love arriving home to mail waiting for me. It’s such a great feeling! ^-^

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