outgoing mail: all’s well that ends shell

shellmail (5 of 6)shellmail (1 of 6)shellmail (2 of 6)

What an exhilarating return to the world of envelope art! I’m so delighted by these beachcombing-inspired designs, created from a combination of craft paper picked up in a Labor Day sale, my secret cache of mermaid-themed washi tape, and some sea life stickers with a lot of character.

It’s been a while since I decorated a pre-made envelope base rather than making my own, but I enjoyed discovering creative ways to make these envelopes my own! (In case you’re wondering, I’ll add on the address in the blank triangular space when each is ready to send.) What crafting experiments have you tried lately?

shellmail (3 of 6)

Which species illustrated in times long past have joined today’s envelope party? A few pinnipeds, a ray, a starfish, and the most fascinating sea turtle I’ve ever seen… (Is she supposed to be a Kemp’s Ridley? A loggerhead turtle? An early modern historic rendering of a turtle that has no actual basis in reality? Place your bets!)

shellmail (4 of 6)

If I were my own pen pal (what a horrifying thought), I’d send this one to myself.

shellmail (6 of 6)

The unique flaps of these envelopes, of course, are the main attraction. I wonder if I could get a pair of fancy scissors and recreate that aesthetic with a handmade envelope of my own? In any case, I think I’m going to need an augmented supply of shell craft paper!


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