outfit of the [yester]day: floral fish!

floral fish (4 of 4)floral fish (2 of 4)I attempted to create a more nuanced title for this post, but let’s face it–with a concept this incredible, there’s honestly not much I could possibly improve with a pun.

Meet the floral fish dress! I’m not sure which Lindy Bop fabric designer is responsible for this quirky land-meets-sea mashup, but they are my type of person. Its triangular collar provides some needed variety to my wardrobe, which is currently so devoted to Peter Pan [collars] that it might as well be a Lost Boy.

I laugh audibly every time I glance at this design in detail. Why are these silvery fish swimming through a sea of flowers? Perhaps they just wanted to surround themselves with a secret, quiet beauty, like Mary Lenox in The Secret Garden (a film that I just had the pleasure to rewatch.)

floral fish (3 of 4)

With the semester in full swing, I’ve returned to my autumnal reliance on headband curls. I’ve started experimenting with smaller, tighter headbands, and the resulting curls usually can be transformed from nineteenth-century ringlets into more subtle waves with a good amount of brushing. Of course, I’m not eschewing the “Victorian child” look entirely – it does seem the appropriate aesthetic for exploring secret gardens (full of fish or otherwise…)

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