fairy rings

fairy rings (4 of 8)fairy rings (5 of 8)

I journeyed through my childhood and youth as an eager believer, resolute in my conviction that the sort of magic I encountered in any number of obscure juvenile fantasy novels would manifest in my ordinary life one day.

Now, I wouldn’t say that a glimmering portal to another realm awaited me on Mt. Pollux one iridescent October morning – but three weeks ago, I came as close to real-life enchantment as a decidedly, disappointingly non-magical girl could hope.

fairy rings (1 of 8)fairy rings (2 of 8)

If you’ve never walked up a hill just after 8 in the morning and gazed at the path disappearing into what might be either a small hilltop glen or a distant foggy otherworld – well, I recommend it.

fairy rings (3 of 8)

As one versed in the art of folklore might expect, this haunting pathway led up to…

fairy rings (8 of 8)

…a clearing framed by trees, roundly surrounding us with its circumference.

Perhaps it’s indulgent of me, but I could easily describe this as a genuine, large-scale fairy ring in its own way…

fairy rings (7 of 8)

..but in case you don’t accept that definition, here’s an alternative fairy ring that happened to appear soon after – so the story goes!

2 thoughts on “fairy rings

  1. IdleEmma October 23, 2017 / 5:25 pm

    Ah, so magical looking, I love crisp misty mornings, they’re so pretty!

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