outgoing mail: birds of america

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It’s been a rather fraught fall, folks! The boundaries that once demarcated “work” and “free time” for me have been completely obliterated, and as a result, I’ve fallen woefully behind in the activities that I enjoy the most – including blogging, writing letters, and appreciating autumn leaves. (Seriously! A recent tempest blew them all away before I even had the opportunity to experience at least one of my annual leaf photography marathons.)

Now that the bleak post-Daylight Savings days are upon us, I have found myself even more listless and melancholy. Here’s hoping that a restorative dose of letter-crafting might help me feel more like myself again!

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In my traditional fashion of repurposing wrapping paper for snail mail purposes, I found myself unable to resist this Audubon paper collection in the gift shop of the historic house where I work.

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In a whimsically sad twist of fate, I’ve been so busy with art history that I didn’t get a chance to buy the new Andrew Wyeth stamps until last week. Their grey tones and ghostly landscapes encapsulate my current mood. (Those spectral, gossamer curtains overlaid on the landscape…)

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Until now, I never fully appreciated how much I rely on my letters for social interaction. In my hermit-like way, I find that in-person activities often give me incredible anxiety – and for the past three years, I’ve used letters as a way to build friendships and carry on conversations from the comfort of my craft table.

Earlier this fall, I went almost two months without writing a single letter: and I am confident that has reinforced my melancholia. I miss talking to you, pen pals! Every week, I lecture on about how a certain beloved nineteenth-century poet deeply valued writing letters, because correspondence allowed her to continue taking part in a community even after she had withdrawn from society – perhaps it’s time I follow her example a little more closely.

(Though I am now engaged to marry someone I met through said correspondence, so I won’t be following her example completely!)

While I cannot, alas, send gingerbread and coconut cake to my pen pals like the afore-mentioned poet might, I will do my best to keep letter-writing in my life!

3 thoughts on “outgoing mail: birds of america

  1. IdleEmma November 12, 2017 / 9:04 am

    Engaged? Well we have much to catch up on in our letters 😀 I look forward to reading about that!
    But those bird papers are absolutely lovely, remind me of a paper pack I had…wonder if I still have any of that left…

  2. thesnailmail November 12, 2017 / 7:06 pm

    This dark time of year always has me down, too–but you are creating great things with that paper!

    Congrats on your engagement!

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