burgundy every burgunday

burgundy jumper dress (5 of 5)burgundy jumper dress (3 of 5)

For the first time in many years, I’m attempting to introduce a vaguely autumnal color palette to my wardrobe! Crimsons, browns, creams, and olives – sure, you might surmise that  this reflects my growing desire to blend into the natural landscape like a quietly rooted tree, but let’s not be too hasty. I could not, of course, pass up the opportunity to match my favorite antique book!

burgundy jumper dress (2 of 5)

I might have adjusted my penchant for pastel hues to fit the seasons, but I remain committed, it seems, to denying how cold New England grows every evening – consider this velvet corduroy/airy lace combination a compromise!

burgundy jumper dress (4 of 5)

Jumper-style dresses create the illusion, I hope, that I am the inquisitive twenty-something heroine of a historical fantasy novel – just slightly anachronistic enough to suggest another time or place!


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